Practical Information

Arrival and Accommodation

Most participants are accommodated at St. Svithun Hotell (by Stavanger University Hospital) or Scandic Forum Hotel (the tallest building in sight).

There is an airport bus, stopping at either hotel. Note that there are two distinct routes, one going via "Stavanger Forum" (i.e. Scandic Forum) and the other via "SUS Hospital" (i.e. St. Svithun). You can buy your ticket (NOK 110,-) on board the bus with cash or credit card.

Getting to the University

There are local buses taking you from the hotel to the University campus, and to the city centre. From St. Svithun to the University, bus X60 can be used. From Scandic Forum to the University, bus 6 or 7 can be used.

There is a campus map online; the workshop takes place in the buildings Arne Rettedals Hus and Kjell Arholms Hus.

Workshop Dinner

On Wednesday at 19:30, all participants are invited to a social dinner at Restaurant Renaa in the city centre. See the restaurant's web page for a map.